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Check out Michael James Nuells lending his voice in the Wall Street Journal's expose' of the popular Department Store "Dillard's".

Release Date: March 4, 2023

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Check out HGTV's newest show about the adventures of striking out on your own after leaving the comfort of the nest! We follow Michael James Nuells as he searches for a space that represents his ever expanding world!

Released  April 28, 2021


They're back!!! Covid brought a lot of interesting changes to our world. Being locked away, we saw even more desperate attempts for connection. Join the always entertaining Michael James Nuells and others as we dive into the wildest Catfish stories yet!! 

Find out what makes Michael's mouth drop open on June 8th, 2021 as his episode airs!!!

Released April 13, 2021

Catfish Return.png

The New York Times calls again!!! Catching up with Michael James Nuells for the holidays during Covid-19, we find him not letting the darkness of the times snuff out the light of the season! Finding new ways to bring the old time ways, to homely pastures.

Released December 8, 2020

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We've been nominated!!! Check out the listing of nominations for this year's Broadway World Awards​

Stay tuned for more news about the show. 

Art of Facing Fear BWW Nominations.png

Check out the latest review of "The Art of Facing Fear" from the perspective of a critics couple who gives a unique opinion having seen the Brazilian, Afro-European, and American versions of the show on its final Saturday showing in Sept. 

Stay tuned for more news about the show. 

Released on  September 30, 2020


"Put on a happy face!" Having a great smile can truly make anyone around you feel the love and joy in your expression. Translating that feeling through the lens is an artform that takes practice and the right frame of mind. Michael James Nuells, provides his personal tips on achieving this crucial ability in his personal and professional life.

Smiling Naturally.png

Alaskan publication AnchoragePress gives some insight into "The Art of Facing Fear"

Released September 15, 2020

Facing Fear.png

Check out a review of "The Art of Facing Fear", from a well known Broadway Critic in the Industry News portion of!!!  There are still more shows left  so like, comment, and share!

Released September 13, 2020

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Out now!!!!  Michael James Nuells stars in leading us all into "The Art of Facing Fear"!

Click the link below to see the cast and grab your tickets to this unique theatrical virtual experience!

Released September 5, 2020

Talkin Broadway​ picks up the new Virtual Theatre Production of "The Art Facing Fear" in


Released August 29, 2020

Talkin Broadway Article.png

Dive into the international live​ theatre streaming event where you can become part of the very real conversations that plague our nations communities of color. Michael James Nuells stars in leading us all into "The Art of Facing Fear"

Released August 25, 2020


It's been one of the hottest topics in fashion over the last several months with the wave of Covid forcing new ways of looking chic, yet comfortable. Michael agrees that the fashion world is embracing these trends for women and even men.

Released August 13, 2020

Wcido Dress up at home.png

In this Digital Age the power of words are growing increasingly important. Various tools have been developed to help all levels of literary thought to thrive in their communication. Michael shares his latest discovery of such a tool he fully endorses!

Released July 29, 2020

Word Count article.png

"Never forget where you came from​". Michael credits his alma mater for helping shape the man and entertainer he is today.

Released July 28, 2020

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In case you missed it, here's another opportunity to learn the secret to success of building your brand on the mega social platform Instagram!

Released July 22, 2020


Whether you're stepping out to newly reopened spots, or just handling daily routines quarantine has inspired conversations on fashions. Mens fashion is a topic less discussed, but Michael shares how you can still put your best looks forward, and remain true to the man you want to be.

Released July 10, 2020

Men Kick Up Fashion.png

Amid the ongoing, now open, discussions surrounding the Black American experience in America, "The Huff Post" requests some insight from Michael and others, regarding how to approach the conversation, as well as being a true ally for people who are victims of such inhumane treatment.

Released July 3, 2020

Racial Trauma.png

Get an inside perspective on one of the most influentially popular social media platforms around today! Instagram! Michael shares his experience on how to get noticed on "The Gram" in the most efficient way, and how it has been benefited his personal experience.

Released July 2, 2020

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Expect the unexpected is what they say, but this day was something Michael could not have even imagined!

 Read about this "chilling" experience published by "The Weather Channel".

Released June  23, 2020

Thunderstorms in Hail Alley.png

Michael reveals the drastic impact Covid has had on how he allocates his money in this new uncertain financial future.


Released June 17, 2020

MoneyUnder30 Article.png

Michael provides his perspective on the growing movement of #BlackLivesMatter


Released June 14, 2020

Entreprenuers discuss BLM Support.png

Michael talks about one leader in our current era that motivates and inspires him. The answer may shock you!


Released June 12, 2020

Hear CEO Blog Leaders to look up to.png

The Mouse House Corporate experience in the world of the Coronavirus. Michael talks about what it has been like, as well as where he sees the future of Disney and his place in it.

Released June 11, 2020

Unexpectedly Unemployed Disney Article.p

Check out Red Diamonds Newsletter on Medium news outlet featuring Michael James Nuells as a contributing voice to this online publication​. Stay tuned as there will be more to come.

Released June 11, 2020

Michael James Nuells Emotional Fitness.p

The Victoria, Texas native becomes the top story in his hometown as his presence in news media continues to grow amid turbulent times in our nation's history. He is a fresh voice for the young adults of today.

Released June 10, 2020

Victoria Advocate Official Article.png

Michael discusses a not so common topic among men, and especially black men surrounding Emotional Fitness and the key role it plays in his life and career

Released on  June 9, 2020

Thrive Global Emotional Fitness Article.

Michael weighs in on the hot topic of the day surrounding the not so uncommon treatment of Black Americans, newly revived in light of recent tragic events.

Released on  June 5, 2020

The Financial Diet Black News.png

Check out the latest in true to life chronicles of Michael James Nuells revealing his crazy Craigslist experience to the "Unfinished Man".


Released on  June 3, 2020

Unfinished Man Memorable Craigslist.png

Check out what Michael has to say about keeping it all together through healing meditation in this latest article by OutwitTrade

Released on  June 2, 2020

OutWitTrade Meditation Benefits Article.
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Washington Post Gym Release Article 5-25

The Washington Post Lifestyle/Wellness Section headline features Michael James Nuells discussing the influence of the pandemic environment on gyms and his membership return.

Released on May 25, 2020


My San Antonio Gyms Reopening Washington

Story picked up by My San Antonio News outlet

Us Fitness Finder Gym Reopening.png

Story picked up by US Fitness News outlet

New York Times Style Section headline features Michael James Nuells talking about the latest trend in his pandemic lifestyle!

Released on May 25, 2020


New York Times Logo.jpg
New York Times Style Headline
DNYUZ News Outlet.png

Story picked up by DNYUZ news outlet


Story picked up by Head Topics news outlet

World News 24.png

Story picked up by World 24 News outlet

World News Gateway.png

Story picked up by World News Gateway news outlet

Trending News Network.png

Story picked up by Trending News Outlet

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Michael Nuells during quarantine for Yahoo Life

Read about how Michael copes with the Coronavirus Pandemic and some of the major changes it has afforded him by news outlet Yahoo! Life

Released on May 14, 2020



Story picked up by Archyde online outlet

Yahoo Life Article 5-14-20.png

Story picked up by Yahoo! Finance 

Yahoo Life Article 5-14-20.png

Story picked up by Yahoo! News 

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Check out Michael's full interview with Todd Michaels from May 2, 2020. Click the link below...

Victoria Advocate 2005 Hallelujah Christ
Click the image to view full local newspaper
Headline news November 30, 2005
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